Main Auditorium

Tampere Hall’s Main Auditorium provides a unique setting for Finnish and international artists. It is the home base of the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, and hosts an important opera production every year in cooperation with the Tampere Opera.

The Main Auditorium is specifically designed to suit the demands of large-scale orchestral and choral works. It is also a perfect location for large conferences and meetings. The stage is versatile and can be modified to fit many different needs. The Main Auditorium also features built-in interpreter booths.

In the Main Auditorium, the key idea was to create an ambiance that exemplifies the setting where Finns would like listen to music: sitting on a mossy mound in the forest, above lush green birch branches against a bright blue sky and birdsong. We wanted to create a feeling of sitting in airy, fresh wooded surroundings.

- Architect Esa Piironen

Outstanding Venue

Artists enjoy performing in and returning to Tampere Hall: the secrets behind this are our welcoming atmosphere and a sense of being cared for. We pride ourselves on our superior service. Feedback received from hundreds of performers over the years proves the success of our efforts.

The first time I performed at Tampere Hall, I was terrified of the vastness of the Main Auditorium. I felt like tiny shadow on its stage. In the end the Auditorium turned out be a lovely, warm-spirited venue. It has a wonderful ambiance.

- Artist Katri Helena, the Tampere Hall newsletter, 1993

The beauty of the Main Auditorium’s sculpted lines is not lost on international stars, either.

Even artists who have seen their fair bit of the world stop when the door to the Main Auditorium opens up for the first time. Its size and beauty invariable typically makes our guests halt for a moment. This happened also when Paul Anka visited Tampere Hall. At the door to the Main Auditorium, he turned and said, "Of all the venues in the world, this is my favourite." When I asked if we could use his reaction as a reference, he modified it slightly, saying that the Main Auditorium was among the top five venues in the world. I think being among the top five isn’t too bad an achievement.”

- Head of Concert Department Marko Stenström


The Main Auditorium's stage has even been frozen over twice for Imperial Ice Stars ballet performances.

Tampere Hall’s former managing director, Mr Kalervo Kummola, had incredible networks. He had heard about this popular international ice ballet, so we went to see them perform in Manchester and wanted to bring the performance over to Tampere Hall. Ice equipment was brought over from London, which proved to be the most cost-effective solution. We had to get 5000 kilos of crushed ice - our ever resourceful Technical Manager Jyri Tervakannas sourced it from a fishery on the west coast of Finland. I said I hoped it would at least smell okay.

- Head of Concert Department 1989-2009 Jarmo Hakkarainen

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Cutting Edge Acoustics

In the summer of 2011, new acoustic elements were introduced to the Main Auditorium’s “starry sky” when transparent acoustics boards were installed above the stage.

“The aim of these enhancements was to further improve the audibility of the symphony orchestra and the sound quality in the entire Auditorium. Orchestra lights were also replaced with energy-saving LED lights with dimmer switches,” explains Property Manager Marko Koivisto.

Main Auditorium Capacity

Tampere Hall's Main Auditorium features tiered seating for 1155 people on the main floor and 660 in the balcony. The Main Auditorium can seat up to 1835 guests.




U-shaped table

Main Auditorium, total

1835 seats

680 seats


Main floor

1155 seats

680 seats


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