Tampere Hall aims to become the most attractive event location in Finland

Press release
27 May 2016  

New facilities mark the first phase of the largest culture and event project of Finland’s 100th independence anniversary

Concert and Congress Centre Tampere Hall is experiencing the biggest makeover in its 25-year history and driving for an increase in revenue and visitor volume in the upcoming years. Several projects are intended to boost the Hall’s competitiveness: the new event facility extension in May 2016, revamped restaurants and lobby point in Winter 2016 and Spring 2017, and the Moomin Museum, which will open in May 2017, just in time to celebrate Finland’s 100th independence anniversary. Valued at around EUR 22 million, the overall renovation of the Hall and its services serves to increase the already-strong appeal and development of the Tampere region. 

Tampere Hall’s mission is to help increase the appeal of Tampere as Finland’s most attractive city. The renovations enable the already popular Tampere Hall to provide a setting for even bigger events and to serve an even broader customer base. Today, with 350,000 annual visitors, Tampere Hall is already Finland’s largest congress and concert centre and has achieved a top position in national congress and event client satisfaction surveys seven years in a row.

’One should never be complacent, even with a good track record. The world around us is evolving more and more rapidly, and new residents are moving to Tampere all the time. New services and projects with national and international appeal are underway. The latest example is the Central Deck and Arena urban development project,’ says Tampere Hall’s managing director, Ms Paulina Ahokas.

The reforms will be carried out with the needs and wishes of current and future customers in mind. The shared mission of Tampere Hall, the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra and the Moomin Museum is to build a concept that will make the Hall the most attractive congress, concert and event travel destination in Finland.

Expansion to enhance revenue

The extensive investments of Tampere Hall made in 2015–2017 are the result of collaboration between its owner, City of Tampere authorities, and various regional and national partners. The first visible results of the project were revealed in May 2016, when three new meeting and event facilities – Maestro, Riffi and Duetto 1 & 2 – were opened in the renovated area.

Tampere Hall is looking to the future, aiming to increase daily visitor volume from its record 350,000 in 2015 to 420,000 by 2018. The idea is to expand the Hall’s economic impact in the Tampere economic area from EUR 35 to 45 million by attracting more visitors and increasing revenue from tourism. Tampere Hall’s congresses and events already represent 18 of this 35 million.

‘We have a solid financial base for investing in renovation. Revenue has increased by an average of 8% annually over the past four years. In 2015, revenue amounted to EUR 8 million, with a profit of EUR 400,000. Tampere Hall also received approximately EUR 5.5 million in income mainly from the City of Tampere authorities. Our financial performance has grown steadily,’ says Ms Ahokas.

Concerts, events and congresses are Tampere Hall's solid base and success factor. The years 2016 and 2017 promise to bring new records, thanks to many major events organised for example in celebration of Finland’s 100th anniversary of independence in 2017. Large international conferences are also drawing in significant visitor numbers: Tampere Hall has already secured bookings for 11 conferences for 2016 and 2017. 

Further information

Managing Director Paulina Ahokas, +358 (0)40 5511 551, paulina.ahokas@tampere-talo.fi
Congress Manager Leena Sulonen, +358 (0)500 621 525, leena.sulonen@tampere-talo.fi 

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