Children's Tampere Hall

Children’s Tampere Hall for the whole family

Children’s Tampere Hall offers concerts, events and all kinds of services to both children and the young. Our mascot Sorsa Sordiino always flutters around as well. A new facility Lapsiparkki, a drop-in child care for 3-12-year-old children, is available during certain concerts to let parents enjoy the concert. We also have a kids’ corner in Café Soolo.

Everyone is welcome to Tampere Hall regardless of age. Many events for children and young people are arranged every year, some of which are free of charge.
Almost a hundred musicians play in The Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, which rehearses a new concert program every week! The orchestra also offers concerts for both young children and school children in addition to visits to rehearsals. What is more, The Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra has a Young Listener Club, which is free for young people aged 13 to 19.

Lapsiparkki – Drop-in child care

Lapsiparkki, a drop-in child care for 3-12-year-old children, is available during certain concerts to let parents enjoy the concert. We offer your child a safe place to be alongside with an inspiring experience learning about and making music. There are always at least two qualified instructors taking care of the children.
Parents will sign a card with personal information when bringing the child. We ask you to bring the child fed to the child care. There is juice and water available, and your child can have a snack from home with him or her.
The price is 8 € per child. Lapsiparkki is located in Sonaatti, on the basement level. You can book a place when buying the ticket or arriving at the concert.
Lapsiparkki drop-in child care is run by Culture Cooperative Uulu, which is a cooperative managed by a group of ethnomusicologists, music and other professionals of different fields of culture. Uulu’s vision is to promote music and musical ideas and cultures from all over the world with the help of indigenous instruments, songs, dances and games. Lately Uulu has also explored the world of contemporary music and dance. The cultural aspects of music and every man’s right to musicality are emphasized in all their activities.

Sorsapuisto Park – a green haven just next to us

Sorsapuisto Park is one of the most famous and popular parks in Tampere. There are several playgrounds in the area as well as a small kiosk selling refreshments in summer.
Sorsapuisto Park is also known for its bird walk that has attracted visitors for over 70 years. There are approximately 90 caged birds of different species which live next to the pond from spring to early autumn.
There are three sculptures by Viktor Jansson, Tove Jansson’s father and a statue called A Dancing Girl by Väinö Rickhard Rautalin in the park.

Moominvalley’s new home

Moominvalley will move from Tampere Art Museum to Tampere Hall and its new home will open to the public in 2017.

Sorsa Sordiino

Sorsa Sordiino is Tampere Hall’s mascot. There is a surprise inside the duck to bring joy to children. The mascot is made of recycled materials in Tampere. You can buy this unique mascot at Tampere Hall.
Sordino (i.e. a mute, a damper) is a device used to alter the sound and reduce the volume of an instrument.

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