Catering Services

Tampere Hall provides an elegant setting for any event. Our expert staff creates delectable catering for the events and serves guests with a big heart. We cater magnificent banquets in the Park Hall and elegant cocktail parties in the Park Foyer. Meeting and congress lunches are handled with equal ease in Restaurant Duuri, and exquisite treats for concert intervals are served with poise in Restaurant Fuuga. Exhibition and trade fair catering is just as easy and mouth-watering. All visitors can try a taste of Tampere Hall Restaurants in Café Soolo.

Fresh organic local ingredients served with an international twist: this is our recipe for success. Meeting guests are taken on a journey of flavours from around the world: corporate buffet tables can be served with local gourmet entrepreneurs' offerings, and event refreshments include confectionery from our own kitchen. The Café Soolo Food Gallery is an unforgettable and artistic culinary treat.

Our mission is to combine excellent service, exquisite taste, an artistic touch and the ambiance of the venue into a lasting feel-good experience.

All catering at Tampere Hall is available on prior request, with the exception of Café Soolo, which is open to all visitors during the opening times and events of Tampere Hall.

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